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  • Vamsa — Bansurî Le bansurî est la grande flûte traversière indienne classique et est probablement le plus ancien instrument de musique de l Inde du nord. Son équivalent au sud est le venu ou vamsa, qui est un peu plus petit. On le nomme aussi de son… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Vamsa Brahmana — The Vamsa Brahmana is one of several ancient Brahmanas or commentaries on the Samaveda, a book in Hindu scripture. [cite web|url= inside.asp?cat name=Jaina cid=916 sid=155|title=esamskriti Scriptures of Sanathana …   Wikipedia

  • Sasana Vamsa — The Sāsana Vaṃsa is a history of the Buddhist order in Burma, composed by the Burmese monk Panng sami (Paññyāsāmi) in 1851. [cite book |last=Bischoff |first=Roger |title=Buddhism in Myanmar A Short History |url=… …   Wikipedia

  • Jari-vamsa — El Jari vamsa (hacia el siglo I d. C.) es una importante obra de la literatura en sánscrito. Forma parte del texto épico Majábharata (siglo III a. C.). harivaṃśa, en el sistema AITS (alfabeto internacional para la transliteración… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Bodhi Vamsa — The Bodhi Vamsa , or Mahabodhi Vamsa, is a prose poem in elaborate Sanskritized Pali, composed by Upatissa in the reign of Mahinda IV of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) about A.D. 980. It is an adaptation of a previously existing work in Sinhalese on the same …   Wikipedia

  • Kota Vamsa — *Kota (Fort) + Vamsa (Dynasty)After the fall of the Vengi Chalukya empire Andhra was divided into a number of small dynasties. Amongst them were the Kalachuris, Parichedas, Kakatiyas, Velanati Cholas, Telugu Pallavas and the kings of Kota clan… …   Wikipedia

  • Scholarship among Ancient Kambojas — The Kambojas are an ancient people of the north western Indian subcontinent (Central Asia), frequently mentioned in ancient Indian texts (though not directly in the Rig Veda). They spoke an Indo Iranian derived language, an Indo European family… …   Wikipedia

  • Kamboja Aupamanyava — The Kambojas are a very ancient Kshatriya tribe of the north western parts of the Indian subcontinent, of what now forms north eastern Afghanistan and southern parts of Tajikstan. They are frequently mentioned in ancient Indian texts, although… …   Wikipedia

  • Rajus — Infobox Ethnic group group = Rajus caption = Notable Rajus: Col. Dr. DS Raju•Alluri Sita Rama Raju PS Kumaraswamy Raja•PAC Ramasamy Raja Ramalinga Raju•Ashok Gajapati Raju BV Raju•DVS Raju•KVK Raju AVS Raju•JVK Narayana Raju Ram Gopal… …   Wikipedia

  • Pala Empire — Infobox Former Country native name = conventional long name = Pala Empire common name = Pala Empire continent = Asia region = country = era = Middle Ages status = event start = Gopala is elected king in a democratic election year start = 750 date …   Wikipedia

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